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Clique, Conspiracy, & Consortium: What the Cop Murder Case Revealed

When National Police Chief Gen. Sutanto launched massive crackdowns on gambling activities throughout Indonesia, the kingpins were forced to create an informal network to carry out mitigation efforts. The forerunner of the "Consortium" was born.

FMD Outbreak Puts Economy at Stake

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is spreading fast in Indonesia. Within three months, the disease has affected 447,257 cattle, buffalo, goats, and pigs in 22 provinces, forcing the government to establish a Specific State of Emergency for FMD.

Indonesia's Carbon Tax: Waiting for the Right Time

The Indonesian government has postponed the carbon tax implementation again, even though it should have been in effect this month. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani revealed that its legislative process went relatively well.

Garuda Indonesia: After the Debt Storm

Garuda Indonesia’s massive debt restructuring negotiations have come to an end. Here are what to expect next: new investors to airlines rivalry.

The Political and Untechnocratic Cabinet: Causes and Consequences

The latest reshuffle aims not to improve the government's performance but only to accommodate political interests ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election by dividing political positions for political forces and parties supporting Jokowi.

Startups’ Painful Path to Extend Runway: The Wave of Layoffs

Business efficiencies, including layoffs, are considered necessary for many startups to prolong life and prevent quick death amid funding winter. The pressure for mergers and acquisitions is mounting to end high-cost competition and create path to profit.