FMD Outbreak Puts Economy at Stake

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is spreading fast in Indonesia. Within three months, the disease has affected 447,257 cattle, buffalo, goats, and pigs in 22 provinces, forcing the government to establish a Specific State of Emergency for FMD.

The Global Risk of Stubborn Inflation

The task of solving global inflation will fall to the world's major central banks. Domestically, the Indonesian government is expected to maintain subsidized-energy prices to prevent wild inflation and aggressive interest rate hikes.

Weekly Digest: Indonesia to Increase Energy Prices

Indonesian high-ranking official reveal the plan to gradually increase energy prices after postponing it for quite some time. Several existing policies in the energy sector can prevent excessive price increases.

How the War in Ukraine Might Harm the Indonesian Economy

If the war escalates with western countries applying severe sanctions and Russia retaliating against the sanctions of western countries by blocking oil and gas supply, it will trigger a global recession.

Indonesia Growing Cooperation with Singapore, Who Owns the Game?

The two neighboring countries are committed to establishing wider cooperation. However, a bundling agreement on extradition, Flight Information Region (FIR) realignment, and defense cooperation have become the object of criticism in Indonesia.